• Joan Murigi

    im shocked here in Kenya women go to be prayed for to get husbands.why dont those men come to kenya.

  • Aha!! i am going to china!!!

  • Agar

    strict family planning laws not bad after all

  • Geroh K


  • Eunice

    export women to china and import men from china. someone dozed on the balancing gender table

  • Michael

    China here i come.

  • katemba

    i think it would be good if it happened here in kenya,but not renting a boyfriend.i think rentng women for a day or two would be like the coolest coz i just dont know whats gotten into kenyan women.however much you try to please them,they just cant get enough.they will still end pissing you off..

  • berry

    Chin chong yu only chinese women to b exported to kenya and kenyan men b imported by china….easy calculation of these years GDP for chi-kenyan economies harry while the stock lasts!!!

  • Wambuijumba

    let them come to Kenya very beautiful and loving women we have here