• Mwanjiku24

    get a life. you learned your lesson,the damage is already done. you apologized and if she wouldn’t listen there is nothing you can do about it. just move on and if fate allows it and she still has feelings for you ,will she will come. its may be hard but you just had to pay the price. good luck

  • luvmeluvu

    Why would you even want her back? If she comes back, know that she will revenge, not once or twice..till it hurts. Why dont you continue with the girl she caught you with??…you see??

  • Larry.

    1.You are a player who don’t know how to play.
    2.You don’t deserve her.
    Now start over again as if you are from a 20 year jail sentence. Understood?

  • M Ndiema

    Been there before and don’t think you want to proceed in that direction. Best thing to do is walk away, keep the good memories and try and re-start life. One more thing, ditch the habit, I have learnt that a healthy relationship is much more sweeter than a bevy of sexy women. Sounds silly until you try it . . . . . . . . . . .

  • Badpiper

    You are a player who don’t know how to play!!!! Really Larry? Dude got caught after getting away with it for God knows how long… mr ‘caught with my hands in the cookie jar,’ you really think a billion apologies will win her over??? come on… if you had slipped up once maybe.. severally like an addict who needs his fix come on….. pay the piper man cut your losses and move on…

  • K89

    What a low life! You do all that sh*t and expect her back….you give men a bad name!

  • Brother, trust is out the window.Believe me, even if you were able to win her back, it will NEVER be the same.Besides, didn’t you ever think you would get caught? ALL players do get caught, you must have been deluded by thinking you were the exception.Anyway, count your losses, damage has already been done.Look for someone else to fleece and cheat on.

  • Roba

    Move on dude…..Question to you guys though..Is flirting considered to be cheating? Your views please. 

  • Ikibbz

    you made your bed,lay in it.

  • Dxdxdx

     i see myself reposting this once my 40 days are over… i have a feeling i have already done 35

  • Sarah

    its called stupidity and inadequate thinking, I quote the book of proverbs.

  • MUSHI Pierre McFord

    Jamani, duh! Any way, it doensnt matter so much that something bad has happened! the worse could have happened, what matters is how one deals with what has happened! Now you shouldnt cry back for her … forge ahead with life and learn from that silly experience if at all you will be chanced to have romantic feelings to another that will accept you…. na usirudie tena huo upumbavu wa kulala na mwanamke mwingine kwenye kitanda chako na mke wako! Ukome!

  • alex kaphone

    Its hard for you to forget since u truly loved her, but trying n putting your ideas elsewhere might help you to forget about your past…if possible (i know its hard or impossible but TRYYYY) delete her number if u still have ,Oh gosh u still living in the same House..MOVE!!! it will make u forget the actual place or actual thing

  • b.o.b.i

    fact remains that you lost her,that was your worst and last mistake..all you need is to move on..its that part of a break up that gets hard..but how much have you tried to convince her? she might be waiting for something extra from you..and don’t consider attempting suicide,,that’s stupidity,,but if she doesn’t give your world a chance,move on..tell your heart it got to leave,,let go of the pasts hand and hold on to the futures hand…that’s the only way ..