Big Brother goes super size

June 2, 2009 12:00 am

, NAIROBI, Kenya, June 2 – M-Net peddled super-size on Tuesday announcing that the next Big Brother Africa winner will be $100,000 richer than the previous one.

That’s a treat for the contestants – a cash carrot of $200,000. Viewers on the other hand will get to watch the national mannerism of contestants chosen from two more African countries; Mozambique and Ethiopia.

According to a statement from M-Net, the gates to this new reality open in September 2009.

“Newly introduced open castings in 18 cities will form the widest BIG BROTHER AFRICA search ever. Add 40 ‘all-seeing, all-knowing’ cameras, and 100 microphones and the new season has almost twice as much sight and sound capability as seasons one, two or three,” the statement promised.

Cool beans for the next one; the now 14 housemates will be allowed to conspire, forge alliances, discuss strategy openly and generally be a bit more diabolical. These lovely attributes were strictly forbidden in the previous seasons!

“After three seasons, it was time for a fresh spin, time for bright ideas. This series is for the fans, to say thank you for supporting Big Brother since it began. So we’re giving them the best gift we can – a show to beat all the others,” said M-Net Africa Director Biola Adekanbi.

“The team’s been working for months already, fine-tuning the latest edition… We’ve got quite a few secrets this time round, so you’ll have to wait and see what happens. We aren’t going to give away all our surprises, but it’s definitely a new series and we mean new.”

The series’ producers Endemol SA have also been busy analysing and observing other Big Brother successes around the world to develop innovative elements and inject fresh new creativity into the production.

And this time round, audiences at home will be asked to vote for the contestants that they would like to see in the house and not out of it, so be careful would you?

So take this as a call to take part in the new season. All you need to do; be above 21 years of age, speak good English and have a valid passport.

Being a citizen of Kenya, Angola, Botswana, Ghana, Malawi, Namibia, Nigeria, South Africa, Tanzania, Uganda, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Mozambique and Ethiopia would be a solid plus!

Anyway, you can get details on this matter on and get ready to have your decoders connected at least between September 6 and December 6.

Last year, Ricco of Angola walked away with the $100,000 trophy and proceeded to hold a lavish party in the capital Luanda a week later.

Ricco is currently on location in Brazil, acting a movie. Mimi of Ghana and Nigeria’s Uti have also starred in a couple of flicks, with the former plunging into a musical career as well. Kenya’s Sheila Kwamboka has focused on emceeing and has graced numerous events across the continent, including handing out one of the gongs at the recent Ghana Music Awards. She is said to be working on releasing a few singles before the end of the year.

Takondwa from Zambia has released a hip-hop album, while Lucille from Namibia went back to University in South Africa.


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