External audit shows systems secure, ready for Oct 26 poll – OT-Morpho

October 24, 2017 11:41 am
It further states that a security check conducted on its system by audit Orange CyberDefense demonstrated that there were no critical or major vulnerabilities/FILE

, NAIROBI, Kenya, Oct 24 – French IT firm OT-Morpho has stated its willingness to support the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC) to hold a credible and transparent fresh presidential election this Thursday, assuring that its systems are secure.

Through a statement, the company indicated that every effort had been made to achieve a high delivery quality and that the testing of the KIEMS gadgets was highly professional and trusted after being undertaken by top firm IBM.

It further stated that a security check conducted on its system by Orange CyberDefense demonstrated that there were no critical or major vulnerabilities.

“The IBM audit demonstrated that all practices had been done in order to achieve a high delivery quality and that OT-Morpho’s testing of the KIEMS solution was highly professional and trusted. Orange CyberDefense’s audit demonstrated that Orange CyberDefense cyber security experts did not find any critical or major vulnerability and were not able to penetrate the system,” the statement indicated.

The company pointed out that a further external audit on its systems gave evidence that it had not been compromised during the August 8 polls and a report has already been sent to the IEBC.

“Further to the accusations made concerning the 8th August elections process (including hacking, intrusion, piracy or manipulation of results), OT-Morpho indicates that a Top 3 IT company worldwide has conducted an external audit on the August 8th RTS system,” it stated.

“The final report from this external IT leader proves once again, in addition to the two in-depth internal audits conducted previously and to the internal audit conducted by independent experts, that no evidence of errors has been identified and OT-Morpho RTS system used for the August 8th elections was not compromised,” it said.

OT-Morpho also explained that it will not intervene in any other aspect of the presidential election neither in the successful conduct of the election procedures in the polling stations that include voting or the counting of votes.

The company provided two electronic systems that identified voters and transmitted election results from almost 41,000 polling stations to the IEBC servers, but its role has been stalked by claims of computer-rigging of the elections.

It supplied the 45,000 tablets that were used to identify voters biometrically, while the RTS system was used to transmit the results of votes counted by electoral officials as well as a photograph of the paper forms 34A and 34B on which votes were tallied.

NASA had accused the company of allowing unauthorized access to its servers and manipulating the transmission of results.



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