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Nambuye philanthropy wows JSC

NAIROBI, Kenya, May 10 – Lady Justice Roselyn Nambuye who is an applicant for the post of deputy Chief Justice has been described as a \’servant leader\’ after her gripping revelation of dedication to serve those in society.

The judge with over 30 years experience in law told the Judicial Service Commission (JSC) that she had made scholarships available to destitute children and also participates in other communal activities like funerals and harambees.

"What I have gathered from your overall description of yourself is that you are a servant leader.  We want to congratulate you," Commissioner Titus Gatere complimented her.

Commissioner Ahmednassir Abdillahi described her service to the community as touching and wondered how she managed to balance this with her work as a judge.

"…with all this and then your core function as a judge, isn\’t your plate really full? I find your plate overflowing, how do you manage? With all this, I think you are too pressed for time," he posed.

The judge detailed to the panel how she uses her free time to write her judgments as she strongly advocated for sacrifice and dedication in the Judiciary.

"It is a matter of sacrificing… we have the research people, they give me the materials, and then I take one afternoon to draft my assignments. If I am in Nairobi on Sundays, because of writing judgments, I go for the evening service.  The mornings are spent on writing judgments and rulings," she explained.

The panellists also acknowledged the judge\’s track record of dedicating herself to build institutions of marriage through her work as a judge.

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Commissioner Abdillahi was also moved by her humble background and her resolve to achieve her education and build her career as a judge, "…being the only girl/lady in a class of about 76 with a second upper, your masters…  I mean there are some inclinations. You write a lot, you write well."

If appointed as the Deputy Chief Justice, Justice Nambuye said her style of team work, respect and dialogue will be key in her operations.

She said she believed every person mattered and it will be critical to reason out with all to ensure the smooth running of the judiciary.

The judge further said it would be important to allow judicial staff to further their education and benefit from other opportunities that will enhance their careers in the Judiciary.

The judge who is also the chair of the Kenya Women Judges Association welcomed the public vetting but also said it should be applied to the rest of the paralegals working for the Judiciary.

She is opposed to the idea of judges signing performance contracts. If elected as the Deputy Chief Justice she said she will be keen to ensure the full implementation of the Children\’s Act especially in view of rape cases. She noted there was need to increase officers and magistrates to deal with children issues.

Despite the rich experience and great qualities, views from the public indicated that she had a problem in making hard decisions hence delaying her judgments.

She was also alleged to be a poor time manager who lacked proper administration skills. Those who complained also said she was not suitable to be the deputy Chief Justice as she was disorganised in her work.

Attorney General Amos Wako who is one of the commissioners however told her not to worry so much about the negatives since there were those others who credited her for her work.

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Justice Nambuye was the first to appear for the deputy Chief Justice’s interview out of the eight people shortlisted.

The interviews that kicked off on Tuesday will end on Thursday.

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