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  1. I was about to send him a mail and ask when,  if at all  he wanted to, well I took too long, I tell you my vote is yours FINAL.

      1. In Kenya, its all about money, that’s your ticket to power, the most successful businessman in the society portrays an image that tends to show like in power they can reciprocate it for the electorate. A businessman will always be one, instead of representing they go doing business with our live’s at our expense, that’s Kenya’s politics. 

    1. Livid. Tuju is a Kenyan who has expressed interest to become president of Kenya. What then is this stupid Luo Nyanza thing you are talking about? Is Tuju equal to democracy in Luo Nyanza? Is your comment useful to yourself, let alone anybody else? BURE KABISA!!!

    2. When will democracy come to Central? Unless Kikuyus want to preach water and continue drinking wine. Must the Kenyatta family run Kenya forever.

      1. Since independence, Central has given its highest vote to the Kenyatta, Matiba then Kibaki – none of whom are related. Uhuru Kenyatta got 30% of Kikuyu vote in 2002 with Kibaki getting the rest.

        Rift Valley broke off the 40-year Moi dynasty thanks to Ruto

        Since independence (50 years), Luo Nyanza has followed one family. Yaani Odingaism.

        1. Whats with Luo’s when will they get it? I tell you what guys don’t vote for him just don’t rest of Kenya will then you will know who has a problem. They dismissed Obama just the same way they are trying when a brother expressed his right.

          1. Dan, you are really vouching for Tuju. But here is a little secret: The many people who are excited about Tuju’s aspiration were not or have no intention for voting for Raila….That means Raila looses NOTHING!
            Tuju may mess up for other candidates-if he manages to get substantial votes & assuming he’s not a G7 project-but he won’t alter Raila’s simply because his candidature has been received very well by those who weren’t going to vote for Raila in the 1st place. So nothing changes!

        2. You said “Uhuru Kenyatta got 30% of Kikuyu vote in 2002 with Kibaki getting the rest” This is a plain lie. Where did you get this statistics from? You are pushing an evil agenda with lies.

  2.  Had rather hear him speak about his ambitious selling point than listen to any of the other politicians!He sounds fresh and independent!

    1. Really sorry about that, I am sure you wouldn’t go embracing any stranger Yori, on the other hand for him he is a public figure, well first time impression handed you that, but I believe it wasn’t intentional trust me.

      1. I met him and we used same elevator, but simply because he is Tuju what business do I have to say hi and expect him to respond? what if I din’t meet him? don’t we behave the same way ourselves? prove me wrong don’t we snob once in a while? we later ask ourselves why we did it?. We can make him change and the points you are putting across will change him, meet him nxt tym at IPS building and he will even shake your hand trust me

          1. looks like tuju forgot to tip yori! lol. someone’s feelings were hurt! your personal ONE TIME experience and personal issues with him says nothing about his ability to lead.

    2. For once, I have agreed with you….This man is sooo full of himself! There is nothing humble about him-& there’s nothing presidential about him.
      *Dan, even those who have known him for a million years know he is full of it!!!!

  3. I have a lot of respect for this great Kenyan, we should rally behind such Great sons who can put their jobs and career on the line and rise above tribalism, Kikuyus lets emulate him and demystify the tag ati we can not vote for a non Kikuyu

  4. I have a lot of respect for this great Kenyan, we should rally behind such Great sons who can put their jobs and career on the line and rise above tribalism, Kikuyus lets emulate him and demystify the tag ati we can not vote for a non Kikuyu

  5. Tuju, i have been waiting thorough out my adult life for what you have said today and i know without any doubts if what you have mentioned become practicle no doubts kenya will never be the same again. We have waisted so much land in the name of small scale farming which we can not feed ourselves for a single season.Is better number farmers who can feed the whole country than what we have today. This also would reduce the price of food by over 80%. the rest of citizens can go to other fields. Even cleaning the streets as long as it has security.

  6. Tuju is a man to beat. Let’s all vote him in and discard the current crop of politicians. I would give him my vote straight away without caring which tribe he comes from. He sounds fresh and different. Go Tuju!

  7. It is so comical! President Tuju? give me a break! But what the hell! Dreaming is for free,you are allowed to embarass yourself.

  8. Fact.its ur right to express ur view,he he
    Fact its very comical coming from sm1 we purpote has been advising the sitting president & see the mess we r facing until now,egdrought ,high fuel prices,hoarding of sugar,poor healthcare system,unpaid taxes my m.ps,. just to mention a few.
    Fact..bwana Tuju..yu are being used by g7 alliance.
    fact. I have not seen anything new yu  achieved other than a mobile clinic which was shut immeadiately u were not elected in the current parliament.
    Fact,,name ur party as well as running mate to avoid speculation since yu cannot enter a race to decide in future whether yu will run in the the short race or long distance

    1. You’re soooooo on point! And Kibaki dares to say that we’re living in exciting times, eish!
      I can’t vote for anything or anyone associated with punu!…I’m better than that!!!

    2. LOL! How come this news has ruffled up ODM faithful and mainly Luos the most? I thought Luo Nyanza was the home of the “Doyen of Democracy”. Hehehe. 

      Ukiona mwenziwe akinyolewe na Martha Karua au Peter Kenneth, basi tia kichwa chako maji. You are next!

      1. Hahaha! You’re funny, actually on the ground people, even those who are not luo’s are not ruffled up but amused. It’s  a bifwoli wakoli moment to many people…Don’t worry, all these excitement will fade!

        1. No one is worried. If nothing else, the number of comments his announcement has drawn across Kenya’s main websites might further energize his candidature. 

          If this guy can form a team with Ole Kiyiapi, Peter Kenneth and Mutava Musyimi, Kenyans  would kick out Raila, Uhuru, Kalonzo and Ruto from presidential politics forever. There is a lot of fatigue with tribal chieftains especially among the emerging voters of 18-25 years. They only need a leader to pull off the biggest electoral upset in Kenya’s history.

          1. You’re speaking for yourself…Comments do not equal votes or approval. That is your opinion. I think you are in some foreign land…those 3 you mentioned plus Tuju, Bifwoli, etc etc know they will not make it. Surely, why are you believing something they themselves don’t believe??!

          2. I speak for others but only the 2012 vote can confirm that. Be patient. But pray, why are you so persuaded that your candidate knows they will make it and everybody else’s candidate knows they will not? Are you psychic?

          3. Livid, I’m in the 18-30 bracket to whom you’re alluding to. And from many other Kenyans, who are really following what’s going on here, It’s one thing to present oneself as fresh, with new ideas & ready for generational change, but this is the presidency…those you mentioned have a long way to go. Maybe in 2017!

    3. C’m on u so clld faithfl an mean ur so clld nm….advsn sm1 is nt frcng sm1 to act….an as a mattr of fact he wsnt aln

    4. odm, I am giving you one year from today I want to hear your say then, let the race begin, this is the candidate to beat and ofcourse our charming ODM candidate.

  9. This are the kind of leaders Kenya needs the likes of Tuju and Peter Kenneth-clean, focused, articulate with no tribal hung-ups. Move-on guys we are with you!

    Thanks / Alex Gichaga 

  10. As the Nyanza provincial Democracy overseer on political matters and on behalf of WAOOL MOVEMENT FORUM GROUP, I recommend and support this move fully and even appeal to the terror and fear creators to pave way for David to lead us through by creating a peaceful condition to every presidential candidate in this Country.

  11. @Dan, Have you ever met a Luo? Can you type a sentence without the word Luo? Why do you hate Luo so much? You did not choose to be a Kikuyu and neither did you do anything to be a Kikuyu, neither is a Kikuyu superior to a Luo. Just remove your tribal binoculars because politics has blinded many.

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