Police recruit killed in Mukuru

September 14, 2008 12:00 am

, NAIROBI, September 14 – A police recruit is among two people killed early Sunday morning in Mukuru slum in Nairobi.

Bodies of the two were discovered at 6 am with stab wounds on the chests.

Police said documents recovered from one of them indicated that he was a recruit who was undergoing training at the Kenya Police College in Kiganjo.

A relative interviewed by Capital News said he arrived home on Saturday night but dashed out at about 4 am on Sunday to go and see a friend.

“He slept in my house but we did not talk a lot last night (Saturday) because he arrived late. He did not tell me why he had left Kiganjo,” a relative who only identified himself as Kimeu said.

“He did not even tell me who he was going to see when he woke up at 4 am,” he added.

Kimeu said he received news of his death at about 6 am.

“I was told there was a body of a man which resembled that of my cousin and when I went to check. I confirmed that he was the one.  I don’t know how he was killed,” he said.

He had stab wounds on the chest and lay in a pool of blood in the murky slum that is characterised for high rate of robbery cases.

Police recruits who began training at the Kiganjo training college last month were expected to graduate in May 2009.

The body of the other man in his mid twenties also lay in a pool of blood with similar stab wounds on the chest.

“We suspect they were killed by the same person or gang. They are both stabbed on the chest,” a resident Charles Mwangi said.

He said he did not suspect the two to be robbers ‘because there was no commotion at the scene where the bodies were found.’

“My house is just next here; I could have heard a commotion. There must be something we do not know,” he said.

A police officer who sought to remain anonymous said they were pursuing reports that the two people may have been killed by fellow gang members in a deal gone sour.

He said one of the men killed was a suspected robber who had been arrested and released twice in the past two months.

“We are investigating the matter but we are not ruling out murder. They may, as well, have been killed that is why we are exploring all the angles,” he said.



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