Sh10m bounty for Julie Ward killers

August 26, 2008 12:00 am

, NAIROBI, August 26 – The family of slain British tourist Julie Ward has now offered a Sh10 million bounty for information regarding her murder 20 years ago.

In a paid up advertisement on Tuesday her father John Ward said: “Investigations have come too close to her killer, however more information is needed. The Ward family repeats their offer for information leading to the arrest of the murderers.”

Julie Ward, then 28, was killed in the Masai Mara game reserve whilst on safari. The wildlife photographer’s burned and dismembered body was found a week after she went missing.

Subsequent inquiries have failed to convict anyone of the murder though three people have been arraigned in court. In 1992 two park rangers were acquitted of her murder then in 1998 the head Park Warden was also acquitted.

However her father has persisted on identifying the killers putting pressure on the Kenyan investigators. Recently he approached the Scotland Yard in London for assistance. The Kenyan Police has however denied that it has received any information regarding attempts to revive the inquest.

John Ward has accused the government of trying to cover up his daughter’s murder in order to prevent damage to the tourism industry. He has also blamed security officers in the country of laxity in resolving the matter.

The original theory put forth by the Kenyan officials was that she had been eaten by lions and struck by lightning but they later accepted that she was murdered after the efforts of her father who uncovered evidence that the pathologist’s report had been altered to disguise the fact that her bones had been cut by a sharp blade rather than gnawed by animals.



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