Nairobi firm allows staff to work from home on Valentines  

February 14, 2018
iProspect Kenya’s Chief Executive Joel Rao

, NAIROBI, Kenya, Feb 14 – While a number of companies in the country gave Valentine’s Day treats to their workers, one company in Nairobi allowed its staff to work from home.

iProspect Kenya’s Chief Executive Joel Rao said the decision to allow staff not to report to the office aims to foster a culture of love and celebrating family time within the organization.

“Management decided to allow our staff work from home and not report to work as a reward. It is just our way of investing more in our people. The more a company invests in people, you get a higher return,” Rao said.

The digital marketing company – which is part of a global communications group – has a young workforce whose average age is 26 years.

According to Rao, the company is seeking to provide a holistic environment for its workforce, which promotes a healthy work-life balance.

Companies across the globe are taking up Valentine’s Day, to appreciate the workers through various ways such as hosting happy hour in their offices, bringing in some tasty treats and giving out small gifts among others.

In Kenya, Mastercard Love Index reports that Kenyans are spending more on Travel on Valentine’s Day than on other treats.

Further, Kenyans are willing to dig deeper into their pockets to make their partners happy with spending related to travel increasing by 90 percent in 2017, accounting for 28 percent of total spend during Valentine’s Day, with online transactions happening more frequently.

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