Aly-Khan Satchu: My big break came as a result of taking risks

December 1, 2014

, AlyKhan

Aly-Khan Satchu, the CEO of Rich Management, was sent to boarding school in the UK when he was 13 years and went against his father’s advice who wanted him to avoid Law as a career, which was the tradition in the family. But his passion was always numbers and markets, so he didn’t pursue law beyond the university.

“From a young age, I knew I wanted to be a trader. The day I stepped into a trading floor, I realized this is what I want to be,” says Aly-Khan.

Aly-Khan started as the lowest ranking officer at a bank. His job was to print all the trades in a day from a machine that he barely knew how to operate, which led to some grief from colleagues who would hurl insults at him.

His tipping point came when he had to take a document to the Bank’s Vice President for approval. Aly-Khan requested 10 minutes and convinced the VP to give him a chance at the trading floor.

After five interviews with different managers, Aly Khan finally got his chance by making an offer the manager couldn’t turn down.

“I am going to work for you for four pounds an hour. If I don’t perform, fire me…and that’s how I got my first job on the trading floor” says Aly Khan.

At only 27-years-old, his target in the first year was $1 million dollars. He made $15 million for the Bank.

Aly Khan speaks about taking risks, strategy, how to seize opportunities, operating in crisis and prospects in Africa.

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