• Hasila

    Nice one

  • hehehhe! dude somethings you just hide bwana you dont need to amplify!

  • Waithera N

    It is for this reason that VOs are blown away in amazement when they
    encounter a vehicle that does a full month without a single problem
    cropping up.Best article ever-made my day!

  • ck

    I now totaly understand my dad and the nigger ain’t poor!

  • I am a certified VO in that case

  • P.

    Ahem… honking to all VO

  • karuga

    Nice article …….my old man is a VO ,he should read this article ajue amejajarukiwa

  • geezy

    true true…. i got both a vehicle and a car but i prefer riding the vehicle…. its got an edgy feeling!!!