How helping Kenyan students settle in Australia turned to a thriving business 

August 31, 2018
Options now provide services to students in Australia, Kenya, Nigeria, Uganda, and the Philippines.

, Adelaide, Australia, Aug 31 – When Helen Meria migrated from Kenya to Australia in 2001, she found herself increasingly spending time helping foreign students apply to universities and assisting them to settle in Australia.

It first started with family and friends, then referrals from people she had guided to adapt to the Australian education system.

“After some time, I realized this was a growing need. Parents who tried to do it for their children found the application process lengthy and complicated,” says Meria, who decided to turn her helping hand to a fulltime job.

In 2009, she founded Options Education Agency, with the aim of providing quality international education advisory services for Kenyan students.

Nine years on, Options is now providing services to students in Australia, Kenya, Nigeria, Uganda, and the Philippines.

“Options Education Agency carefully selects partner education institutions and as a result, we represent over 50 Australian international Education institutions in all Australia states,” says Meria.

Meria considers herself an advocate for her clients and is fervent about the attention and care each student receives from Options and the education partners.

She adds that a team of counsellors walk with the students from the beginning, providing students with guidance, advice and support to ensure they achieve their study goals.

“High-quality education and exposure,” says Meria, “has the potential to transform not just an individual but grow and impact the family and community. No one should be denied this opportunity.”

She says that she is proud of the hundreds of success stories from her students that Options has had the honor to be a part of.

She believes that the constant and unwavering support of her husband and three sons have contributed greatly to the success of Options Education Agency.

“It’s not easy being a woman, a mother, an immigrant, an African Australian and an entrepreneur but the transformed lives and the impact of the students that have passed through Options makes it worthwhile,” says Meria.

Drawing from the experiences she has had in Australia, she believes that Australia offers unending opportunities, for anyone able and willing to make the most out of them.

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