Managed agribusiness model takes off with remote farmers

July 4, 2017


NAIROBI, Kenya, Jul 4 – The WealthSmith, a Kenyan real estate, and agribusiness company, has launched an agribusiness opportunity for investors seeking to invest in the farming business.

The new investment deal dubbed Kilimo Poa in a 100 acres piece of land in Nanyuki will see investors put in Sh300,000 for an eighth of an acre plot, and Sh320,000  for the greenhouse and irrigation infrastructure.

WealthSmith Chief Executive Officer Justin Muendo says the move is intended at helping address Kenya’s food security and providing an investment opportunity for the youth and women to invest in the country.

“What The WealthSmith has done with Kilimo Poa is continue our vision of providing wealth creation opportunities for all Kenyans. We are targeting young women and men looking to the future, professionals, Chama members, retirees and seasoned investors that see the value in agribusiness and fresh produce,” Muendo remarked.

Tomatoes are the first crop that will be grown in the greenhouses, for local and export sales after certification.

“Food security is a global issue and will continue being important as the world’s population increases and farm lands compete with residential developments. Kenya is uniquely placed to become the breadbasket of East Africa and the world: we have high-quality soils, rapidly improving infrastructure and a high usage rate of technology,” Muendo said.

The WealthSmith worked extensively with one of the leading greenhouse technology firms in Israel to develop a system that fits our Kenyan climate, soil and water quality.

This ensures a robust greenhouse and irrigation system that has a minimum lifespan of 30 years and a manufacturer warranty of 10 years.

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