As Gina Din’s firm turns ’16’ she plans new feat

August 21, 2013

, Family is also very important in the journey of any entrepreneur. And Gina believes firmly in this. She has two children. Her daughter, 22 just graduated from Oxford University and her son, 17 is still in school.

“My children are my friends. I mean, my best friends on this earth. We do a lot of fun things together. They come here often and I make sure we spend quality time together.”

Her advice to women entrepreneurs is to “be ready to take risks despite the huge responsibility of taking care of their families. Women have to come out of their ‘comfort zones’, take courage and learn to strike a balance between family and business, because both are important.”

“Women also need to seek time for themselves. I do that a lot. I organize my own dates. Just me and myself. I have come up with the greatest ideas, while alone,” she tells me smiling, “spoil yourself once in a while, you need yourself. Just you.”

Going forward her dream is to establish an international PR training school. She says the industry is so young and needs well trained and skilful personnel to grow the sector in the continent.

“The next time you will call me for an interview, I will remind you about this day, when I told you about my dream,” she tells me looking at me direct in the eye, “I will never stop dreaming. I believe I will establish this school.”

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