Farmers to meet for trade fair

November 6, 2009

, NAIROBI, Kenya, Nov 6 – A national agricultural trade fair that will among other things explore possible interventions by government and other stakeholders to curb food insecurity, will be held in central Kenya later this month.

The annual event slated for November 20 and 21 in Ol ‘Kalou town will focus on empowering farmers on better farming methods and practices, as a way of achieving the country’s food sufficiency.

“Poor farming methods are to blame, as well as lack of adequate information on improved farming practices,” said George Wambugu the Managing Director of Delight Promotions Ltd, which is organizing the event together with the Ministry of Agriculture and Ol-Kalou Rural Industrial Innovation Centre and Sports (ORIICS).
He said the fair under the theme ‘Promoting Food Sufficiency and Vision 2030’will help create linkages for farmers, and strengthen networks within and without the region.

The performance of the agricultural sector has over the years suffered substantial decline despite increase in enterprise numbers and sizes. Farming is primary source of livelihood for over 80 percent of the Kenyan population.
The show is expected to draw farmers not only from the region but across the country.

“We need to address pro-market high value collaborations that help farmers adopt modern techniques to increase food productivity,” Mr Wambugu said.

This is the third in the series of the Ol Kalou agricultural trade fairs which are more of trading events than being a networking avenue with a big number of agricultural stakeholders and businesses expected to exhibit.

Mr Wambugu said at the event agricultural players, both private and government are able to interact with farmers at the grassroots level and forge gainful working relationships.

“There is need for beneficial trade linkages and integration amongst small-holder and medium size rural based farmers, and between them and medium and large scale processors, marketers and investors,” said Mr Wambugu.

“One sure way of achieving this is by increasing stakeholder awareness and attitudinal transformation, quality assurance and the guarantee of differential pricing,” he added.


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