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Cops gang-raped me, imprinted name on my thigh -19yr old

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Daisy was repeatedly gang raped by her tormentors who are police officers known to her/FRANCIS MBATHA

Daisy was repeatedly gang raped by her tormentors who are police officers known to her/FRANCIS MBATHA

NAIROBI, Kenya, March 7 – As if gang-raping her was not cruel enough, one of the alleged rapists – a policeman – embossed his name on her thigh and stomach using a knife.

The name Ouma is still clearly visible.

The second imprint is unclear because of fresh stab wounds she is nursing after the latest attack on Feb 12, 2016.
This is just a tip of the petrifying story of 19-year-old Daisy Karimi.

It is such a heart wrenching saga that one cannot understand how much more pain she has to endure. She has escaped enough death traps and one can hardly understand how she is still alive.

At the ages of 14 and 15, she was raped after suffering epileptic attacks. She gave birth to two boys through caesarean section. One of her sons is under the care of Catholic nuns. The whereabouts of the other cannot be revealed for security reasons.

Despite becoming a mother through rape, Daisy’s world was still unforgiving. Her real torment has been perpetuated by two police officers.

Like a stain upon the earth, she now fears for her life every minute she survives series of gang rapes and kidnappings by the two Administration Police officers she identified way back in Embu.

Her tribulations took a turn for the worse on April 12, 2012 when she was arrested by the two APs while returning home from a nearby market.

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It was shortly after 7pm.

“After they arrested us and asked me where my home was, I told them it was not far from the police station. They released other people. They told me it was late they could not let me go home at night because I was young.”

One of the officers offered to take her to a safe place. She was 16 and already a victim of two previous rapes.

“Afande (title used by junior police officers to refer to seniors), take her to the parking,” Daisy recalled words uttered on the fateful evening.

“He took me to the parking where accident vehicles are parked. He forced me to undress. But when I fought back, he asked his colleague to join him.”

“He held my hands as the other one undressed me. He reminded me of a girl who had been killed in Embu. ‘We can kill you too if you scream’. He raped me inside a pickup while pressing his gun on my head.”

“He used something sharp, he cut me. My caesarean wound started bleeding. I was in pain.”

As she walked towards the exit of the police station, the second officer pulled her.

“He threw me on the grass. He started raping me. I screamed. His colleague called out, why are you doing this to this girl?’” Daisy recalled.

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But that did not move him. He went on raping her.

As she got off the grass and started walking towards the exit of the police station, the first policeman called her.
“He came and pulled me. He raped me again. His colleague held my hand as he raped me again.”

The two colleagues then escorted her to her home.

“They warned me to shut up. They told me if I say what happened they would kill me.”

When she got home, her mother was not there. But she needed money to go to hospital.

“My private parts were swollen and the CS wound was bleeding. I called our family friend and asked her to loan me Sh50 to go to the hospital. She came and found me bleeding.”

The doctor asked her to go and get an Occurrence Book number from the police. Going back to the station, of course, would be courting death.

But the doctor was strict that she had to report the matter.

“Are you coming to report police officers at the police station?” the question did not surprise her when she went to the same police station where she had been raped the previous night.

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“You know each other. They (police officers) said they paid you Sh200 and even escorted you on a motorbike after your meeting; you are friends,” said the police woman who was supposed to record the case. She even offered Daisy Sh100 and warned her not to mess with the police.

“So I went to report to madam chief who sent me back to the police.”

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