Cops gang-raped me, imprinted name on my thigh -19yr old

March 7, 2016 11:17 am

“He raped me. He told me he will not kill me. The ones outside saw police and they signalled the other one.”

“There was a woman who came in. She told me she was with them but she would not kill me. She asked me, ‘where can you go and hide and never return to this place? She took me to a place between Kutus and Kerugoya. She gave me fare to go to Nairobi.”

Because of the knife cuts, she was bleeding on the neck and her abdomen. But the lady had given her a cloth to cover herself.

“When I got to Nairobi on January 25, I had nowhere else I could think of going. I returned to one of the shelters I had been housed before. But they told me they could not take me again because I was above 18. They took me to the Kikuyu Police Station. The police then took me to a hospital in Wangige where I was treated. The police stayed with me there for three days. They gave me Sh500 to return to Embu. But I told them I could never go back there.”

“I went back to the streets of Nairobi. I got a job at a hotel. After some time I received a call from the shelter to pick my baby. I picked my baby and rented a house in Muthurwa.”

She had peace but only for few months.

The two officers kidnapped her again on December, 28, 2015 from Muthurwa and dumped her on December 31 somewhere in Naivasha.

She had her phone tucked in the pocket of her jeans and this time she managed to capture the number plate of the car the kidnappers were using.

Good Samaritans took her to a police station. The police then took her to a hospital that cannot be disclosed.
At the hospital she was discharged on February 12, 2016.

Outside the hospital gate, she was kidnapped by the two officers who injected her with drugs.

She was driven to an unknown place. She however miraculously survived again.

But she suffered deep knife wounds on her chest, thighs, stomach and legs.

Daisy is still receiving treatment.

Her CS wound looks fresh because every time the two officers rape her, they always cut it open.

During the interview on February 16, we captured the imprints with the name Ouma on her left thigh and the other one on the stomach though it was unclear because of subsequent stab wounds.

Her neck has clear deep knife cuts that even after healing are visible in their black thick folds.

As we spoke to her, it was obvious she was in harrowing pain. She vomited from time to time and she suffered a series of mild attacks during the interview.

Clearly, the emotional and physical trauma was overwhelming.

But she hanged on her little energy to tell her story during the frequent breaks in between the three hour interview.

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