Cops gang-raped me, imprinted name on my thigh -19yr old

March 7, 2016 11:17 am

On April 28, 2012, Police Prosecutor Frank Mnene complained that Anondo had skipped court after he had been released on a Sh200,000 bond and asked Wachira to issue a warrant of arrest against him.

Having the case in court angered the perpetrators who swore that they would make Daisy’s life miserable before killing her.

Media reports in April 2012 had headlines such as; Five APs gang-rape, infect Embu teenager, AP officer wanted after he jumps bail in Embu town gang-rape case and AP officer wanted after he jumps bail in Embu town gang-rape case.

At the time, Daisy was still recuperating at the Embu General Hospital following the rape and attacks that had left her CS wound open.

She was discharged from hospital on May 16, 2012, after which she was invited to an identification parade.

“I was called by police to the station. I found officers standing side-by-side in a line. I was asked to identify the ones who had raped me. I identified them. One had a bald head and had a scar on his face. The other one had curly hair.”

“That’s the day I knew them by their names – Ouma and Ahmed were the names I heard them called after I identified them.”

Daisy was still unwell. She was taken to Nairobi Women’s Hospital for further treatment before being discharged and taken to a safe house.

She was also absorbed into the Witness Protection Agency (WPA).

During this period, her mother was visited by Ouma who asked her to convince Daisy to drop the case.

“I am the one who raped Daisy, as a parent, help me we sort it out,” a man who initially approached her pretending to be her daughter’s lawyer disclosed to her terrified mother.

“After my mum said she was not aware of the details of the case, he squeezed her neck and threatened that the case would go nowhere and he would even kill all of us.”

The protection unit at that point also took Daisy’s mother on board.

Things calmed down for a while.

– Missing Evidence –

However, the story took a new twist after the case failed to proceed on January 15, 2014.

Upon arrival at the Embu court, Daisy discovered that four of the six pages of her statement were missing. Her doctor’s reports had also vanished.

Her bloodied clothes, taken as exhibits, were missing and witnesses had disappeared.

“The two officers had been transferred from Embu. Things were moving too fast, my mother and I did not exactly understand how the case ended.”

The WPA informed her that the case had disintegrated.

“They told me they could not continue protecting us. But they gave us some money to start our lives afresh.”

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