Cops gang-raped me, imprinted name on my thigh -19yr old

March 7, 2016 11:17 am

After back and forth, the chief and the officer accompanied Daisy to the hospital.

“They directed the doctor to seal the CS wound and inject me with painkillers. They also instructed the doctor to write that I had fallen down.”

“When they left, the doctor told me he would write two different reports.”

One was for the police to see he had followed instructions and the other the truth about her circumstances.

Her situation got worse. She had to be taken to a larger hospital but she needed her hospital card which was in the custody of the police and the chief.

“I had gone to follow up on my card. I met one of the officers who had raped me. He was in plainclothes. He told me ‘if you follow that case it will go nowhere. We will kill you and your mother. Even our boss is with us on this,'” Daisy recalled.

All this time, her condition was not getting any better. She made countless trips to the general and private hospitals but without her medical card.

On May 5, 2012 a doctor who knew her case decided to call in the media to make her story public due to the unending threats. The story was published in the local dailies and covered by broadcast media.

“After they saw my story, the two officers came to the hospital. When I saw them I covered my head with a blanket. They came and pulled it out.”

“Why are you embarrassing us? We will kill you one of them whispered into her ears.”

The media reports brought a ray of hope to her endless suffering of rape and death threats.

The Federation of Women Lawyers (FIDA) got her case booked at the Embu Law courts. It was a case filed before Embu Chief Magistrate Margaret Wachira against Richard Ouma Anondo and Ahmed Amoyo in April 2012.

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