Cops gang-raped me, imprinted name on my thigh -19yr old

March 7, 2016 11:17 am

Contacted, the Witness Protection Program confirmed to Capital FM News that Daisy was under the protection program until April 30, 2014 following an acquittal of one suspect.

The second suspect jumped bail.

“Yes, Karimi was under our programme but we could not continue protecting her after her case came to a close,” Calvine Oredi, Principal Public Relations Officer at WPA disclosed.

– Fresh Threats –

Daisy and her mother used the money from WPA to resettle in Runyenjes.

But it was not long before the two officers kidnapped her this time joined by a third man who was driving the car they were using.

“They took me to a far place. They had drugged me, but I could faintly feel it was a long journey. They took me to a room. They raped me everywhere,” she shyly recalled.

“One of them placed a sharp knife on my neck. I thought he was going to kill me. He cut me and my neck was bleeding. But he removed it from there and started cutting me as if he was making a pattern on my stomach.”

Her loud screams and shouts attracted attention of passersby forcing two of them to walk out of the room.

“They left me tightly tied on the bed. I saw the house was round. It had only a bed with a mattress and four plastic chairs.”

Daisy recalled that they were very drunk and even had bought more alcohol which they continued to drink throughout the night.

The following morning, Ouma raped her again. This time he imprinted the name Ouma on her thigh using the sharp knife he had used to cut her neck and make marks on her stomach.

They later drugged her and when she woke up, she found herself in the middle of some dry hills.

A passerby woman found her in a thicket and moved her to the road. Machakos police later found her and took her to a hospital in the county. Capital FM News confirmed a record of the case but no investigations were done.

“I gave them my mum’s phone number but she said she did not know me. The protection unit convinced her to pick me from the hospital. After picking me and returning back in Runyenjes, she told me to pick my things and child and leave.”

“I came back to Nairobi and started living on the streets. I was raped by street boys then MSF took me to a hospital for treatment and took my child to a children’s home.”

She returned to Embu on January 1, 2015.

She was kidnapped again on January 24 as she walked out of a supermarket in the company of her younger brother.

“The four people had their faces covered. They told me they had been sent to rape and kill me. After they raped me in turns, three of them went out and told the fourth one to kill me.”

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