Google recognizes Mothers Day with a doodle

May 10, 2015

, GOOGLE-DOODLENAIROBI, Kenya, May 10 – Google on Sunday paid tribute to all mothers with an animated doodle to mark this year’s Mothers’ Day.

The second ‘O’ of name Google on its main search page showcases mothers’ unconditional love to their offspring, both human and in the animal kingdom.

The doodle starts by showing a duck taking care of her offspring, followed by cub crying out for the mother, who then comes immediately and on hearing the cry.

The animation then turns into a mother rabbit, who has four kids who hop onto her and start playing in a joyous way.

The final animation is of a child who is seen running into her mother’s arms with a sunflower in hand. The mother then holds the child in her arms and gives her a peck on his forehead.

The concept of Mother’s Day came into being in the United States after Anna Jarvis started a campaign in 1908 to make the day a recognised holiday. It was only in 1914 that it was recognised as a holiday in the US among other countries.

Here in Kenya the day is mostly celebrated on the second Sunday of May same as countries like India, Canada, Australia, and Brazil,
And in marking the day, Kenyans on Twitter were on a harsh tag #DoesYourMotherKnow, which not only used to appreciate mothers but generate humor.

Here are some of the comments on the harsh tag.

@chantelleSTARH said, “#DoesYourMotherKnow you appreciate everything she does for you and you think she’s amazing even though she does get on your nerves..Mine doesn’t.

@Jmwazzak said, “#DoesYourMotherKnow that while she uses a Mulika Mwizi tied together with a rubber band your girlfriends change phone models 4 times a year???”

‏@Naledi__M said, “#DoesYourMotherKnow that you’re a CEO on facebook.”

@BKayJustThatGuy commented, “#DoesYourMotherKnow know you missed church just so you could not miss the #DoesYourMotherKnow trend on here?”


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