ISA and APReCoM launch training partnership

April 14, 2015


From L to R Jane Katuga, Susan Makau, Washington Akumu, Lawrence Gikaru, Maureen Sande, and Margaret Waithaka/CFM BUSINESS
From L to R Jane Katuga, Susan Makau, Washington Akumu, Lawrence Gikaru, Maureen Sande, and Margaret Waithaka/CFM BUSINESS
NAIROBI, Kenya, Apr 14 – International School of Advertising (ISA) has launched a new partnership with the Association of Public Relations and Communication Management Firms (APReCoM) to provide training for members and individuals engaged in Public Relations and Communication in Kenya.

The two partners have been in communication since last year to identify knowledge gaps in the Public Relations and Communications industry in Kenya.

Through consultations with leading industry professionals, ISA and APReCoM came up with four courses and two master classes. The courses address relevant issues for everyone right from entry level to intermediary through to top level.

Speaking during the launch, APReCoM’s Chairman, Lawrence Gikaru said that the partnership will help streamline the Public Relations industry in Kenya.

“The training courses bring on board the insights of a self-mastery coach whose role is to guide students through the soft and people skills that are crucial to navigating today’s corporate landscape,” he asserted.

He further added that these training courses will tie in well with the association’s objective of raising the standards of Public Relations in Kenya through capacity building and sharing of experience among professionals.

While APReCoM acts as the lens through which industry players look at the market to ensure content is pertinent and current, ISA will provide the platform on which this training will take place. The partnership between APReCoM and ISA ensures quality and relevant content development, vetting and reviews of candidates who enrol for these courses.

Seasoned industry professionals will lead the classes, lending their personal experiences and case studies to optimize on practicality.

ISA Director, Susan Makau, said that the main aim of the partnership is to lay out relevant, practical and current course content, which will play to the need of individuals across various levels of organizations.

“As seasoned professionals in the industry, let’s take this opportunity to provide structured professional mentorship to those coming after us,” Makau urged the professionals present.

The professionals will be trained on: Account Management, Corporate Relations, Communications Strategy and writing for PR. The Masters classes will include Digital Trends and Impact on PR and ROI measurement of PR and Communications. The master classes are big picture courses geared towards the needs of seasoned agency professionals and senior counsel. They are great for orienting people on new market trends such as digital, research and monitoring.


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