Hitachi unveils continuous cloud infrastructure for business optimization

April 29, 2014
Tony Reid, COO, HDS EMEA
Tony Reid, COO, HDS EMEA

Hitachi Data Systems Corporation (HDS) has announced new technology that promises to revolutionize cloud infrastructure and accelerate customer success with business-defined IT.

Hitachi unveiled what they call ‘Continuous Cloud Infrastructure’, essentially bridging the gap between a company’s business and technology objectives that requires a more responsive IT foundation.

HDS says a move toward Continuous Cloud Infrastructure ensures customers can build the most available, automated and agile environment for next-generation data centers.

“Our customers across industries have told us that to keep up with the frenetic pace of business they are aligning the IT and business functions more closely than ever,” said Brian Householder, COO, Hitachi Data Systems.

“In order to execute in this business defined world, IT teams are looking to new infrastructure strategies to deploy more continuous, adaptable and scalable infrastructure. Businesses need solutions that don’t require constant and disruptive changes to the technology they support. And that is what we are delivering today.”

Hitachi announced three new technologies to support the Continuous Cloud Infrastructure; the Hitachi Storage Virtualization Operating System (SVOS), Hitachi Virtual Storage Platform G1000, a new version of the Hitachi Command Suite management platform and significant enhancements to its Hitachi Unified Compute Platform converged computing offerings.

“Hitachi Storage Virtualization Operating System is the first stand-alone software implementation of Hitachi storage virtualization. This new storage operating system provides a common software architecture that will double the useful life of hardware architectures, span the breadth of the HDS infrastructure portfolio and enhance and amplify the benefits of server virtualization,” said Tony Reid, COO, Hitachi Data Systems EMEA Region at the launch in Dubai, UAE.

Reid added that the market-based technology solutions are dynamic and have been built to adapt to the EMEA business environment.

“Businesses are looking for technology solutions that will contribute to the bottom line, long lasting, uninterrupted service and high performance. This is what HDS is offering with the SVOS software,” added Reid.

Hitachi Data Systems opened an East African office based in Nairobi late last year as a result of the growing demand for cloud service, data storage and secure collaboration solutions in the region.


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