Cabinet choices good for business – KAM

April 26, 2013


KAM says the president made good choices to scale the economy to greater heights/PPS
KAM says the president made good choices to scale the economy to greater heights/PPS
NAIROBI, Kenya Apr 26 – The Kenya Association of Manufacturers (KAM) has welcomed nominations of new Cabinet secretaries made by President Uhuru Kenyatta this week.

KAM says the president made good choices to scale the economy to greater heights.

“Our expectation was that the president would appoint professionals; people who are knowledgeable and competent in their fields of expertise; wise enough to balance all the different interests, facilitate negotiation and promote understanding between different stakeholders when making policy decisions. We were not disappointed in this regard,” Kenya Association of Manufacturers CEO, Betty Maina opined.

Five of the nominated Cabinet Secretaries hold portfolios with a direct bearing on the manufacturing and business sector.

They include: Phyllis Chepkosgei Kandie (East African Affairs, Tourism and Commerce) Adan Mohammed, (Industrialisation and Enterprise Development), Davis Chirchir (Energy and Petroleum), Engineer Michael Kamau (Transport and Infrastructure) and Anne Waiguru, (Devolution and Planning).

“We look forward to working with the nominees once the vetting process is completed. Their credentials are impeccable and we trust that they will create policies in aid of the business sector and help ease the regulatory burden borne by industry. This will create a business friendly environment in the country.”

She also commended the creation of a ministry of Industrialisation and Enterprise Development.

“We appreciate the creation of such a ministry which will focus on industry development and growth. Industry should be seen in the context of growing the private sector and enterprise, which form the core of job creation for this country. Our country is in dire need of job creation which will help to reduce the burden of the current wage bill faced by the government. It is also one of the requests that business, and KAM certainly, had made to the government and to the president,” she added.

Maina welcomed remarks made by nominated Cabinet secretary for Energy and Petroleum, Davis Chirchir that he would look into energy to cut down production costs.

“Energy costs have probably contributed most to the rise in cost of living in Kenya. We would like him in particular to find a short term strategy to reduce energy costs which will impact greatly on the reduction of cost of doing business.”

KAM is also keen to work with the Devolution and Planning Ministry which will be imperative to transforming the country and securing the devolution process.

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