EABL the best firm to work for – survey

October 9, 2012


In the survey dabbed ‘Best Company To Work For in 2012’, EABL was followed at a second position by the Kenya Women Finance Trust (KWFT)/FILE
NAIROBI, Kenya, Oct 9 – East African Breweries Limited (EABL) has been ranked the best company to work for, in a survey done by Deloitte.

In the survey dabbed ‘Best Company To Work For in 2012’, EABL was followed at a second position by the Kenya Women Finance Trust (KWFT).

The survey which was done amongst 16 companies involved a sample of employees in the companies speaking out if they enjoyed working in the firms or not, and why.

During the survey, it was noted that biggest reason for employee turnover in most companies is due bad work relations and communication between the workers and their line managers.

Speaking in Nairobi, David Conradie, a director at Deloitte Consultancy South Africa said there is need for employers to focus more on personal welfare of their employees and improve their productivity and loyalty to the company.

“The organisations that are likely to keep their staff are the ones which can easily enter into a dialogue with their employees and even involve them in key decision making processes on what actions to take going forward,” said Conradie.

“Some reported that the quality of their relationship with their managers is not good as expected and that’s a message to many companies to look into very keenly before they even look into salaries issues because people with high salaries still move in large numbers to other companies,” he said.

He said most of the employees also complained of having few hours for their social life and instead spent much time working.

“I think most of the organisations are trying to do more with less, and sometimes forgetting that the staff have another life outside the work environment. The issue of pay also came up, which was expected because there is no time the employees will say they are satisfied. But it was amazing that few mentioned it as their top challenge,” added Conradie.

The survey also identified the need to retain the right people as one of the most fundamental concerns for many corporates across the East African region.

“We discovered that while hiring top-quality individuals is important and cannot be overlooked, the current trend sees the more critical concern to be an informed retention strategy,” he said.

The survey was launched in response to the need to understand the motivators and expectations of employees.

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