Safaricom unveils Sh150m promotion

September 24, 2010

, NAIROBI, Kenya, Sep 24 – Safaricom on Friday launched a massive promotion for all its subscribers that will see them bag prizes worth Sh150 million.

Dubbed Masonko na Safaricom, its launch has been planned to coincide with Safaricom’s forthcoming 10th anniversary celebrations, which will be marked next month.

Commenting on the landmark promotion, Safaricom CEO Michael Joseph said Masonko na Safaricom was a way of marking Safaricom’s 10 years as a truly Kenyan company and thanking the over 16 million loyal subscribers who have made the company the resounding and globally-acclaimed success it has been.

“About 10 years ago, Safaricom started on a Kenyan journey into uncharted territory. Safaricom heralded a revolution in Kenya. Since then, we have touched people’s lives in profound, hitherto unimaginable ways. Today, we are an inseparable part of Kenyan life and expression. We could not have done it without the Kenyan people with whom we have partnered to create a formidable brand and bring opportunity to many. Today, we step forward to celebrate our subscribers, some of whom have been with us since inception. We salute the Kenyan spirit,” said Mr Joseph.

Under the promotion, both Safaricom PrePay and PostPay customers have a chance to win a weekly prize of Sh5 million and a daily prize of Sh1 million. Masonko na Safaricom runs for 10 weeks between September 26 to December 2 and will also include consolation prizes worth Sh5 million.

The activation will climax in a Grand Draw whose winner will walk away with a staggering Sh25 million. Safaricom PrePay customers qualify for one entry for every top-up of Sh10, meaning the more one tops up their air-time, the more their chance of winning. For Safaricom PostPay subscribers, the currency for one entry is air-time usage worth Sh10.

“We invite Kenyans to take advantage of this offer by making more top-ups and increasing their spending on the network. We invite them, our most valued partners, to share the joy as we celebrate 10 truly remarkable years of Safaricom, a brand that has distinguished itself as a Kenyan icon and a true and lasting value proposition. We thank Kenyans for putting us where we are today,” added Mr Joseph.

Masonko na Safaricom continues a Safaricom tradition of unique and memorable promotions, whose execution and communication have greatly endeared the firm to its subscriber base. Only recently, Safaricom launched Mauzo Kem Kem, a retailer promotion for its dealers.

How to Win in the Masonko na Safaricom Promotion

1. Safaricom PrePay subscribers are entitled to one entry for every top-up worth Sh10, while their PostPay counterparts get the same chance (one entry) on air-time usage worth Sh10.

2.To check entries, one is required to send a blank SMS to line 1010. Such SMS will not be charged.

3.The promotion runs for 70 days between September 26 and December 4.

4.Winners will be contacted through mobile number 0729 333 333.






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