Kenya to get 80pc rise in home Internet use

June 14, 2010

, NAIROBI, Kenya, Jun 14 – Internet Service Provider (ISP) AccessKenya has announced an increase of its home Internet speeds and extension of night hours in a bid to entice more domestic customers.

The ISP said it had increased home Internet bandwidth speeds from the previous 64kbps to 128kbps during daytime.

The new move follows a survey that shows that over 85 percent of home users prefer to use the Internet from 6pm to 10am.  The same study shows that home Internet will grow by 80 percent by 2012.

[email protected] users will be able to beat traffic by working from home and later go to the office with the extension of night time speeds from 6pm to 10am,” said  Jonathan Somen, AccessKenya Group’s MD.

He said that the availability of Internet access was a catalyst for innovation.  “Thousands of Kenyans who want to increase their income from the comfort of their homes can now rest easy as Internet speeds have been increased for their benefit.”

“There is no doubt that home high-speed Internet service is vital for Kenyans in every part of the country.  Access to fast Internet is crucial for developing the knowledge based economy, improving the ability of businesses and individuals to network and innovate in line with goals of Vision 2030,” he added.

And to encourage more people to install home based Internet, AccessKenya has removed installation fees and passed on the benefit to consumers, with a refundable deposit of Sh10,000 for clients on the service for one year.

The installation of new speed is a big boost to home based internet businesses that have become popular in many urban areas in Kenya following the arrival of the fibre optic network in the country, and will allow Kenyan homesteads to experience the benefits of higher internet speeds.

Mr Somen said access to digital data was crucial in a modern global economy and Kenyans cannot afford to be left behind in the broadband revolution.


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