Safaricom extends Okoa Jahazi

November 9, 2009

, NAIROBI, Kenya, Nov 9 – Listed telecoms operator Safaricom has extended its air-time advance product, Okoa Jahazi, to calls that terminate on other local networks.

Safaricom’s Prepay subscribers can now use air-time acquired through the innovative service to call and text other local networks. The prevailing rates will apply on such usage. Hitherto, the emergency airtime advance service, a first in Kenya, could be used only within the Safaricom network.

Okoa Jahazi allows Safaricom’s Prepay subscribers a chance to get an airtime advance of Sh50 per request. The service is not applicable to calls made while roaming.

“This extension of Okoa Jahazi to off-net calls shows that we do not just listen to subscriber feedback but are always ready and willing to act on the same. This responsiveness to subscriber needs is the very fulcrum on which our tradition of innovation rests. It is a culture we intend to uphold at all times,” said Safaricom CEO Michael Joseph.

Launched on April 15, Okoa Jahazi has been a runaway success for Safaricom, registering over 1.7 million users on the day of launch. It has also served to underpin network dependability, increasing brand loyalty and stickiness by helping many subscribers in distress.

The mechanics of the service will remain the same. Subscribers will still access the service by dialing *131#. Subscribers can find out the balance of their Okoa Jahazi airtime by dialing *144*4#. The money will be recovered on the next credit top-up, including through Sambaza and which should be done within three days.


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