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Designers reveal water-saving shower

arc_shiower_237439821.jpg15 September – (Relaxnews)

Hong Kong-based designers D.K. & Wei have created a shower system called Arc that will save water and electricity while maintaining comfort, making for an (almost) guilt-free hot shower experience.

The Arc’s bent shape makes sure that accumulated water will be picked up from the concave shower floor, from where it will be filtered, pumped and sent up to a heater to be re-used.

In addition, its shower head was built to prevent leakage and there are also built-in splash and temperature controls that avoid energy wastage, managed through an easy-to-navigate, waterproof touch screen. 

A 500W pump ensures constant circulation of the water while a 1500-2000MW heater warms up the water. D.K. & Wei’s shower system can be used in this “eco” mode but also in normal mode if the user is feeling more sumptuous.

Details on pricing and availability can be found online.

The two designers founded design brand Kootouch together, which has won awards from I.D. Magazine, Fortune Magazine, and the Philips Design Excellent Award.



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