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Saitoti’s driver shoots thug dead in Ngong

NAIROBI, Kenya, May 25 – A driver to Internal Security Minister George Saitoti shot and killed a suspected gangster during an attempted robbery in Ngong on Thursday night.

The incident occurred at an estate known as Zambia on the outskirts of Ngong town where thugs armed with crude weapons had made a raid to steal from residents, according to police.

Quoting witnesses, police said the suspect was gunned down by the driver who lives there when residents raised alarm. The driver is a policeman.

“There was a robbery and the minister’s driver responded when the people cried for help,” a police officer in the area said.

Nairobi Provincial Deputy Police chief Moses Nyakwama said accomplices of the slain thug fled leaving the crude weapons behind.

Nothing was stolen from the estate.

“The thugs had an intention of terrorising residents but after their accomplice was shot, the others fled,” Nyakwama said.

Police said they had received information that up to five thugs had raided the residential estate when the incident occurred.

Cases of thugs raiding residential estates have been on the increase in Nairobi and its surroundings.

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On Wednesday night, gangsters shot and killed a woman in full view of her husband after she failed to shut the door of the gateway car after they were freed after a carjacking ordeal in Nairobi’s Kasarani neighbourhood.

A security guard who had been carjacked alongside the couple was also shot dead before the gunmen ran over the body with the stolen Range Rover.

The couple and two other people had been carjacked from Shelter Pride Apartments just next to Safari Park hotel on the Thika Superhighway and were robbed of money and other valuables before they were abandoned.

This was the latest in many incidents of a similar nature reported in Nairobi lately, raising fears insecurity in the capital.

Earlier this month, a man was executed in his living room in Jamhuri estate during a one-hour ordeal witnessed by his wife and sister.

Police however, maintain that armed crime is not on the increase and have termed the recent much publicised killings as “isolated robbery incidents.”

“Crime is not high, we are doing everything we can to maintain security in Nairobi,” the deputy police chief in Nairobi Moses Nyakwama said.

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