Raila says he is not ready to retire

May 26, 2012 1:47 pm


Raila was speaking at Bumala and Matayos markets on his way to address an ODM rally in Busia town/FILE
BUSIA, May 26 – Prime Minister Raila Odinga on Saturday told off his political competitors calling for his retirement, saying he will only retire from politics when Kenyans say so through the ballot.

Noting he was ready to take on any competition in the presidential race, the PM said it was laughable for a competitor to call for his retirement hoping for an easy ride to the Presidency.

The PM was speaking at Bumala and Matayos markets in Busia county on his way to address an ODM rally in Busia town.

In response to the recent calls by the immediate former ODM deputy party leader Musalia Mudavadi that he should retire from politics with President Kibaki , Odinga made it clear that he would only retire from politics if the Kenyan voters reject him at the polls.

He said: “Any one who has plunged in the Presidential race should be ready for a bruising battle. There will be no easy rides to State House.”

The PM went on to say that he has been in the struggle for reforms in the country and had credentials to lead this country , adding that many of his competitors had nothing to show for themselves as their contribution to the betterment of the country.

“That the Kenyans should elect reform minded people who can bring the desired changes in the country not non reformists.”

He reiterated that it was only the reform minded leaders who could implement the new Constitution adding those who opposed it and the watermelons cannot be entrusted to implement something they did not believe in.

Odinga who is the ODM party leader said contrary to perceptions that the party’s popularity was waning, it was growing from strength to strength.

He said all those who had left the party had been effectively replaced and the party was marching steadily to a resounding win when elections are called .

“Their departure was good riddance and now the party is reloaded with presence in all corners of the country,” he added.



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