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Young boy sodomised in Nairobi

NAIROBI, August 9 – A five-year old boy is being treated at the Nairobi Women’s Hospital after he was sodomised by a man in the city’s Sinai Estate on Wednesday.

The minor was reportedly ambushed by a man he says is known to him, as the boy relieved himself in a thicket near their home.

His mother was reportedly away when the incident occurred at around 10 am, the single mother narrated to Capital News.

Almost weeping while recounting the story, the mother, who is a casual worker, said that she had left home early on the fateful day to try and secure a day job to get money that would help her fend for her family.

She had left the school going boy in the custody of a neighbour, who called the mother after realising that the youngster was bleeding profusely from his back-side.

“I was not at home since I leave my home every morning at 6am.I leave the boy with a neighbour who looks after him till I come back in the evening,” said the disturbed mother.

He was, according to the mother, rushed to a nearby dispensary by neighbours, where he was cleaned up before being referred to the Nairobi Women’s Hospital.

An official at the Hospital’s Gender Violence Recovery Centre (GVRC), Phyllis Wangechi, said that upon examination the boy was diagnosed with ‘rectal prolapse’. He was then operated on, and at the time Capital News visited the hospital, was in good shape.

Wangechi said the minor arrived at the hospital in very bad shape at around 11am on Thursday, and was almost immediately operated on to restore his relocated rectum.

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“He went for an operation so that his rectum could be restored because when he came in, his rectum had come out from behind,” said the official.

Rectal prolapse is a condition often caused by the weakening of the ligaments and muscles that hold the rectum in place.

It is often diagnosed in people whose anal sphincter is weak.

The condition also is often associated with advanced age, long term constipation, long term diarrhoea, long term straining during defecation, pregnancy and stresses of childbirth, previous surgery, cystic fibrosis, and sphincter paralysis.

She said the boy and could be discharged soon if his condition remains steady.


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