#BeautyBar: Anti-aging fitness classes for your face


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As if those hours spent learning how to contour your face or shillings spent on anti-aging products wasn’t enough, there’s now a workout class dedicated to – wait for it – your face.

Yes, you heard right. Gone are the days of ignoring that pretty little face of yours when you’re working out!

For most people, fitness is reserved for the body (be it intense muscle-toning sessions or effective fat-burning routines) and rarely takes one’s face into account.

But FaceLove Fitness, a new pop up fitness center in New York, has come up with special workout routines meant to firm up and lift the skin, doing away with wrinkles and signs of aging in the process.

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Created by Rachel Leng, an esthetician, and Heidi Frederick, a massage therapist, the exercises are meant to help women reclaim control of their aging process and takes them through face resistance training, hot stone rollers and massages.

As a non-surgical, anti-aging option to skin care, these facial fitness classes are bound to be quite popular.

So what do you think – would you give it a try?


Sharon Mundia

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