Fake twitter, new track mark Blue Ivy’s first days

A fake twitter account has been opened poking fun at BIC – Blue Ivy Carter – and in just 24 hours had already gathered more than 13,000 followers. @ItsBlueIvy says she’s wearing Gucci diapers and is richer than you, you, you and you.

Blue Ivy was borne to multi-millionaire musicians Jay-Z and Beyonce over the weekend and created a stir across the world, trending on twitter and various other social media networks.

No picture of the baby girl has been released or leaked yet, but a new track (Glory) has been released by the proud father to the “beautifulest thing in the world”. The track features the baby’s little coos, as well as lyrics like “You’re my child with the child from Destiny’s Child… that’s a hell of a recipe.”

(What do you think of the song? Write your comments below).

Meanwhile, until official pictures and communication are released, the twitter madness will most definitely continue. Are you following @ItsBlueIvy?

ItsBlueIvy NOT Blue Ivy ▲
Gucci diapers and louie wipes.

ItsBlueIvy NOT Blue Ivy ▲
My rap name is gonna be Lay-Z cause I will NEVER have to work

ItsBlueIvy NOT Blue Ivy ▲
Kanye is gonna use a sample of me crying for his next beat.

I bet when #BlueIvy was born Kanye ran into someone else’s room & said ‘your baby is great but #Beyonce just had the best baby of all time!

Have a great Tuesday!

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