Nneka Nairobi gig set for Feb 4

A date has been set for award winning musician Nneka Egbuna’s performance in Nairobi, February 4.

The tentative venue will be the Goethe Institut, also the main sponsors for the event, but this could change at a later date.

Nneka touches down first in Kenya in a 3-nation tour that will pass through Kigali, Rwanda before ending up in Zanzibar for the 9th edition of the Sauti za Busara festival.

Nneka is a half Nigerian, half German student of anthropology who got into music by accident but is doing just fine with several nominations and a MOBO award under her belt – or hair for that matter.

The 31-year-old musician has an impressive resume, pairing up with artists like Damien Marley, Nas and Dynamite.

She has shared stages with countless other musical giants such as Mary J Blige, Erykah Badu, Rihanna, Sarah McLachlan, Jill Scott and others.

Nneka’s appeal lies in her messages of hope, love, empowerment and political bashing that are mainly targeted at her Nigerian homeland but span across any country that shares the same turmoil.

Known for hit songs such as “Heartbeat”, “Soul is Heavy” and “Love” Nneka moves away from pretence and stays true to her music.

She has said in previous interviews that her music is fluid, and moves from RnB, Reggae and hip-hop with ease depending on the direction her musical vibe leads her to.

It is her first East African tour so to speak after a string of concerts in Europe and the US.

Ticket prices to the Nairobi show will be announced at a later date.

Nneka will headline this year’s Sauti za Busara festival that runs from Feb 8-12 alongside South African jazz-sters Tumi and the Volume.

Other artists among the 31 African bands that will feature include Lady Jaydee from Tanzania and Kenya’s Super Mazembe band.

The first day will involve a carnival type street parade involving ngoma drummers, stilt walkers, capoeira dancers and the mwanandege umbrella women.

The main festival will take place at the Old Fort.

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