Rent a boyfriend starting at Sh 170 in China

It’s no surprise that one of the most populated countries in the World, China, is suffering from a shortage of females and the problem will only exasperate in the next decade thanks to the country’s extreme family planning policies.

The modern Chinese woman has so many male suitors to choose from that the equilibrium of male-female power in traditional Chinese relationships has shifted to favouring only the woman. So much so that Chinese women are even renting boyfriends from internet websites for almost next to nothing.

The shortage of women has put Chinese men in a difficult position. How to find a girlfriend and beat out every deprived Chinese man out there? Answer? Sell your time as a boyfriend on a popular e-commerce site and undercut your competition’s prices – the Chinese way.

No more meeting idiots and putting yourself through the hassle of meet-and-greets. Chinese women are looking for companionship and for a set price on the Chinese site, Taobao, women can rent boyfriends based on services: holding hands, hugging, kissing, watch a movie, go on a dinner date and even holding her purse while she flashes her money on shopping trips.

For just Ten yuan, Sh 170, a successful Chinese woman who is willing to pay, will spend a one-hour lunch with her temporary boyfriend. For a full day, the price may shoot upwards to 100 yuan or USD $15.

So why are Chinese men selling themselves? The situation has just gotten that desperate. Most of the men who rent themselves out are not looking for money, but actually for love. These rent-a-boyfriends are using these e-commerce sites to market themselves, and hopefully will end up meeting the “one.” Earning a little pocket change is just icing on the cake…so they say!

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