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Saccos to take blame for driver offences – NTSA

He stated that action will be taken against the various officials should a PSV be discovered to have a shortcoming/CFM NEWS

NAIROBI, Kenya, Nov 6 – The National Transport and Safety Authority (NTSA) now says Public Service Vehicle (PSV) Savings and Credit Co-Operative Society (Saccos) will be responsible for any misdeeds of operators registered with them.

NTSA Director General Francis Meja says the Saccos will have to ensure drivers have all the required qualifications and documentation.

He stated that action will be taken against the various officials should a PSV be discovered to have a shortcoming.

“As the officials of Saccos or transport companies, it is your responsibility to ensure the driver has a PSV license. We need to also stop this blame game that why did the police not arrest him…” he stated.

“Why did you not prevent him from entering the vehicle? There are also those vehicles whose inspection stickers have expired. And as you know, we have invested in technology. We have the whole list of vehicles whose inspection has expired, and we have forwarded it to the police,” he cautioned.

His sentiments follow the suspension of the crackdown on PSVs after uproar that the enforcement may not achieve results unless a proper framework is set out.

“If you are a Sacco official and you know that the RSL (Road Service License) of a particular vehicle has expired, why do you let it go on the road? If it is discovered, the Sacco official will have to answer for that,” he said.

“There are also other vehicles which do not have insurance. A car is on the road but does not have insurance. Now that is like putting a noose on your neck. If an accident occurs, the owner of the vehicle will have to take responsibility to pay the passengers affected.”

He further discouraged PSVs from overloading, saying this will lead to accidents.

“A trend is emerging where vehicles carry excess passengers and even put in extra seats called ‘sambaza’ in their vehicles. These are things that will be scrutinized keenly beginning next Monday. If found carrying excess passengers, we shall revoke your insurance,” he warned.

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Police started enforcing traffic rules, mainly targeting public service vehicles as part of measures to curb road accidents with Nairobi Deputy Commandant Richard Kerich stating that tough action will be taken against any driver violating traffic regulations.

The rules, first introduced by former Transport Minister, the late John Michuki, had been abandoned leading to increased number of road carnage that has claimed many lives across the country.


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