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Motlanthe elected as president

CAPE TOWN, September 25 – South Africa’s parliament Thursday elected the deputy leader of the governing African National Congress (ANC), Kgalema Motlanthe, as president, the chief justice of the constitutional court said.

Motlanthe — whose mandate will run until elections scheduled for next year — won 269 of the 360 votes cast, Chief Justice Pius Langa said.

"I accordingly declare the honourable Kgalema Motlanthe the duly elected president of the Republic of South Africa," he said.

The opposition Democratic Alliance candidate Joe Seremane received 50 votes, while 41 ballots papers were spoiled, he added.

Motlanthe gave a slight grin as the result was announced, nodding his acknowledgement to congratulations from cabinet ministers as the house cheered and clapped.

Motlanthe takes over from Thabo Mbeki, who was forced from office by the ANC in a bitter internal feud with party leader Jacob Zuma.


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