3 Quick bedroom updates


(By Monique Warner) Who says creating the bedroom of your dreams has to be hard work? Here are a three quick ways to update your bedroom in a just a few hours …

Puff up on pillows

The quickest way to add a sense of luxury to a bedroom is to simply replace standard pillows with king-sized pillows and swap small decorative scatter cushions for larger 60×60-cm ones.

Add a peaceful view

What’s the first thing you look at when you wake up? Make it something beautiful by mounting a tranquil landscape photograph or a painting on a bedroom wall.

Not only will this help set the tone for your day, it will help add a sense of space in a small bedroom and create the illusion of having a window with a picturesque view.

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Can the clutter

Modern living often means we’re living in smaller spaces. Sometimes it’s hard to fit everything in, but the last place in your home that should be cluttered is the bedroom.

Create a serene sleep environment by getting rid of what you don’t actually need and look for creative ways to improve the organised storage capacity of your boudoir. For example, you could add hooks to the inside of a cupboard door and you’ll have a neat space to store your necklaces or handbags.

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