Afro Ibiza Festival to host afro house, EDM lineup


afro ibiza

This June, Nairobi will be hosting the inaugural Afro House Festival at the Arboretum Gardens.

On Sunday, 5th of June, 2016, the event will give afro house lovers an afternoon of great afrocentric and EDM music being churned from some of the greatest DJs in Kenya.

Performances of the day will include amazing acts like Electrique Djs &The Beat Parade Band, Dj Protégé, DJ Suraj among others.


  • Neo_kenyan

    We all know that the only time you get “pushed” to respond to a matter of public interest is when your family is concerned. So keep in character and say nothing.

  • kirigwi

    for the sake of the unity of the country say mum sir….may the best man win

  • perepepe

    Your Excellency, wewe kaa pale pale…ukifanya vile vile….bas!

  • upuzi_tele

    Mr president, everybody knows it’s Mudavadi, say it louder for everyone to hear. Or are you scared that your project may fail like Moi’s Project Uhuru?? He has declared openly that he will protect you from being taken to court for your scandals. Unfortunately ICC may be a bigger challenge for him.

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