#EditorsPicks: Our go-to hair conditioners

Editors Pick - Conditioners

Plenty of conditioners boast of silk-like, moisture infusing, deep-conditioning formulas but after years of trying different ones, it’s evident just how many lack the impact that they so confidently promise.

Finding the right one depends a lot on your hair type and hair needs as different textures and issues require different formulas.

While many may often ignore this step, conditioner is actually an integral part to your hair care journey as it helps bring back the moisture, smoothen the hair while adding shine and lustre back to your locks.

Hundreds of minutes of conditioning and many empty bottles later, we’ve identified the current best conditioners for our hair! Here they are:

Editors Pick - Conditioner 3

Sharon Mundia – L’Oreal Elvive Smooth Intense Anti-frizz Conditioner

I’ve tried quite a number of hair conditioners in my lifetime and this is the one that I constantly go back to. Shampoo will generally leave my hair feeling quite stripped of its moisture (even though I don’t shampoo many times which would ultimately strip it to the bone) and nothing leaves my hair as silky as this bad boy does.

It literally feeds all the moisture back into my hair and leaves it smelling like honey and cocoa butter – yum! It also happens to be infused with Argan Oil which, if you know anything about hair, is a important oil to infuse into your hair. I’d definitely recommend it to anyone with afro hair looking for a good conditioner that infuses moisture and helps with detangling!

Editors Pick - Conditioner 1

Maureen Ojunga – Palmers Coconut Oil Formula Repairing Conditioner & Deep Conditioning Protein Pack

When it comes to hair, I might as well have been born male because I really hate dealing with my hair. Ugh! At the same time I know how important it is to take care of your hair (while you still have it on your head) because hair maketh a woman. That said, I know Conditioner does for hair what  an Engine service does for a car and for the past 6 months I have been using the Palmer’s range of hair care products.

My hair is naturally very coarse and so I find that I have to use very strong products (which can be harmful to hair). These strong products do work for me but I find that I have to use other products to try and strike a balance on the impact they cause. Once I re-touch my hair (which of course makes my hair limp), I use the Palmer’s Repairing Conditioner which gives my hair a bit of life. Any other time I wash my hair I combine the Repairing Conditioner with the Deep conditioning protein pack which works perfectly because my hair also happens to be very dry.

I have found that these two products deal with my hair accordingly so far as they leave my hair looking all manageable; soft, moisturized and with some shimmer to boot.

Editors Pick - Conditioner 4

Susan Wong – Pantene Repair & Protect Conditioner

I love Pantene because although it’s usually very moisturising, it still doesn’t weigh down my hair. Finding something that I can use on a daily basis that keeps the moisture in but doesn’t make it heavy and oily is really difficult. It also helps that I love the Pantene smell!


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