#EditorsPicks: Current favourite mascaras revealed!

Editors Picks - Mascaras

Before we start getting into the fascinating world of lashes and mascaras, it’s probably best to start with a disclaimer: none of us are beauty experts.

We are, however, three women who’ve had varying experiences with products and after many hits and misses, managed to discover which ones work best for us.

And besides, if you’re anything like us then the occasional sneak peek into your friend’s closet/homes/handbags/makeup bag gets you giddy at the thought of discovering new knic knacs.

Thus the new series: Editors’ Picks!

We’ll be sharing which beauty, technology and home-wear products are currently on our favourites list. Starting with Mascara.

Surprisingly, this cult beauty product was invented over 100 years ago when T.L. Williams decided to help his sister, Mabel, in her pursuit of love. Determined to make her eyes pop, he mixed coal dust and petroleum jelly which she applied for some extra pizzazz. He named this modern day mascara Maybelline  – a brand which many of you may be familiar with and whose name he derived by combining his sister’s (Mabel) with the mascara’s main ingredient, Vaseline.

Here are the editors’ current favourite mascaras!

Lancome Mascara

Sharon Mundia – Lancome Grandiose Waterproof Mascara ($32)

This is for sure one of my favourite mascaras. I absolutely love the wand which has a slight curve to it that allows it to sit perfectly on your lashes. The products lasts throughout the day and if you’re a fan of the wispy effect, you’ll love this one. It’s also relatively easy to take off which was something I’d often struggle with previously – there’s nothing more frustrating than seeing your lashes fall out after struggling to get your mascara off!

MAC Waterproof mascara

Maureen Ojunga – MAC Double Extension Mascara and Eyeliner ($11)

First of all it’s a 2 in 1: Score! It’s also waterproof and I know this because I have bawled my eyes out a few times wearing it and no raccoon eyes here.
Mascara targets each individual lash so my lashes do look lengthened and the brush makes the lashes look thicker and fuller. Doesn’t dry out my lashes so my lash count remains intact.

Susan Wong – CoverGirl LashBlast Volume Mascara ($9) 

Though this is waterproof, I find it very easy to remove. Even after crying, you won’t find grey smudges around your eyes! To be honest, the bright packaging also drew me to it, but I’ve been a CoverGirl mascara fan for many years. Does the job really well and it’s not too expensive.




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