Simple ways to help you cut down on caffeine

coffee addiction

(By Shenrina Badri) Here are some ways that may help you to reduce your intake of caffeine, if you find that you are consuming too much.

Try to drink more water

Keep a jar of water near you when at home or carry a water bottle with you when out on errands – you will be surprised at just how much more water you will consume.

Another drink without caffeine

Apart from water, find an alternative drink to have that does not contain caffeine. This may include herbal teas, green tea or decaf coffee.

Boost energy levels

Boost your energy levels by consuming your daily meals timeously. Be sure to eat wholegrains, lean proteins as well as healthy fats and reduce or avoid your intake of greasy and refined foods.

Relaxing activities

Participate in activities that relax you. This may include having a massage, performing yoga or even meditation.


Ensure that you get sufficient sleep regularly. You should try to sleep at the same or similar time every day.

You may be addicted to caffeine if you experience fatigue, headaches, oppression, nausea, irritability, muscle pain or anxiety when you do not get a caffeine fix. Feel free to chat to your doctor if you have any concerns or require more information on caffeine addiction.

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