No excuses! Here are 3 ways to make time for fitness


time for fitness

(By Beatrice Chan) Time is a valuable commodity. Since it’s rare for us to have a lot of time on our hands, just how do we make time for fitness?

Whether it is taking on more work or personal responsibilities, it’s not easy to make time in our schedules. We are often so busy that we don’t even have time to catch our breath!

When it comes to exercise, have you given up when life gets too hectic? Have you ever clocked in at gym, simply to keep your membership active?

If that sounds like you, here are some solutions to help you get back on track:

1. Wake up earlier

The simple way to add more time to your day is to wake up earlier. If you set your alarm even 30 minutes earlier, you’d have time for a quick morning walk and run before work. You could even work out in the comfort of your own home by following a short yoga or Pilates online workout.

2. Make little changes to your day

Any small change to get your heart rate up during the day adds up and helps you stay fit. Here are a few ways to fit more exercise into a busy day:

  • If you usually drive to work, you could try walking or cycling to the office instead. If that’s not possible, park your car further from your office, so you get to walk a bit further.
  • Instead of using the lift, take the stairs.
  • Sit up straight at your desk and use your muscles to hold your stomach in. This will help you strengthen your core muscles while you work.
  • During your lunch hour, squeeze in a brisk walk around the block.

3. Combine socials with workouts

You don’t need to say ‘no’ to social engagements. Instead, make that time with friends and family count by altering the activity you do together.

For example, instead of having dinner with your best friend, suggest taking a fun belly-dancing class together. You could also invite your friends to go hiking on a Saturday morning. It’s a great way to catch up and get in a workout too.



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