Katy Perry has Google alert on her name


Katy Perry has a Google alert on herself, according to singer/songwriter Sia Furler.

Singer/songwriter Sia Furler revealed that she was quick to publicly clarify that she and Katy are still on good terms after a report was published revealing that a song-writing session between them ended after just one hour as she was worried Katy would see it.

She explained: “I knew Katy would see it because she has a Google alert on her name.”

Sia insisted that while the pair got on well, their working relationship was a failure because they work differently, with Katy being “too analytical” for Sia.

She added: “She works best with beta types.”

Sia also insisted that “everybody in the entertainment industry is insecure” and are looking for approval.

She explained to The Observer music: “Everybody in the entertainment industry is insecure. We have been tap-dancing our entire lives for your approval and you won’t meet anybody who is in the entertainment industry who isn’t a bit fucked in the head. That’s how we got here, so if you can imagine a room full of us, it’s pretty hilarious. It’s exhausting.”

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