Jane Mukami’s quick tips to the perfect holiday body

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Meet Jane Mukami, Kenya’s fitness sweetheart who’s changing lives one kilo at a time.

After living in the US and working as an IT consultant for a good chunk of her life, Jane decided to move back home to Kenya and help others who are on their fitness and health journey.

Her passion for fitness started when she realised that she might have to move up a size in her wardrobe and that’s when she decided that enough was enough. She went from weighing 68kgs to about 50kgs and participating in several body building competitions in the process. What started out as a fitness goal has turned into her career.

Now that Christmas is round the corner, we got an exclusive interview with Jane who shared her top five tips to help you get the perfect pre- and post-holiday body.

  • Now that you’ve got about two months before the holiday’s are here, try and go as hard as you can when it comes to working out. This way, you won’t feel to guilty about indulging here and there.
  • During the holidays, you need to pick between working out or watching what you eat. It’s all about balance so don’t just be on the nyama choma diet for the entire time and not compensate with some work out.

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  • Engage in fun activities that are physical. You could go hiking, swimming, play some sports with your family etc. It could even include water sports. This will also help disguise the fact that you’re actually working out and you don’t have to feel bad about not hitting the gym. Find activities that do not involve just sitting, eating and drinking and your body will thank you.
  •  Remember that it’s vacation. Take time out and relax your mind and body. I’m not saying go for the every cocktail on the menu (you can substitute that with water) but just take it easy. This is a good time for your body to recuperate.
  • Remind yourself that as soon as vacation is over, you’re going back to your usual routine. Be careful not to be on vacation for three months! People sometimes vow to get back on their healthy track in January but don’t actually do it till March so try your hardest not to procrastinate. Have a plan in place and as soon as the holiday’s are over, get back to it.

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