Nairobi’s Brew Bistro wins Global Craft Beer Award


Nairobi’s gastro pub, Brew Bistro, is often packed with epicureans with an affinity for great food and pretty good beer. It’s hardly surprising when Brew Bistro keeps on accumulating accolades such as being recognized at the Global Craft Beer Awards.

Awarded by the Global Association of Craft Beer Brewers, Brew Bistro took home the honour of winning Silver in the category of Lagers, specifically for Pils. The awards are given annually to the world’s top independent brews, and are the first awards judged exclusively by those who are considered to be the real experts in the field – the brewers.

Pils is arguably one of the most successful beer styles in the world with nine out of ten beers drunk in the world today made in this style or similar to it. Pils is generally very blond in colour, anywhere from straw to light amber. Some of the characters of a Pils includes: a malty residual sweet aroma/flavour can be perceived, slightly sweet malt character, low toasted, biscuit-like and/or bready malt aroma/flavour, low hop aroma/flavour, low other fermentation- or hop-derived sulfur may be characteristic of this beer style, low level of DMS aroma/flavour may be present, no fruit ester, and none to low diacetyl.

Congratulations Brew Bistro for putting Nairobi, Kenya on the international beer map! If you haven’t yet, give Brew Bistro’s award-winning Simpils a try.

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