Virgins for clean drinking water in Sikikar village

Water shortage in Kenya has been a problem for decades with a small percentage of people accessing clean water. The scarcity of water has seen a large population of women and children spend up to one third of their day fetching water from the nearest fresh water source.

40 members of staff from Virgin Atlantic Kenya and UK climbed Mt. Kenya in a six- day challenge in an effort to raise Kshs. 13 million that will help over 7,500 people access clean, disease free drinking water in Sikirar Village.

Speaking after the climb, Virgin Atlantic’s Country Manager in Kenya, David Rose said “ Our heart goes to those women and children who walk long hours in search of water and I’m so proud of the Virgin Atlantic staff who have raised money to contribute to a long term solution.  With the Kshs. 13 million intended to be raised from this cause, we believe it will go a long way in providing communities in Sikirar with safe and clean water; as result the children will utilize the time spent on searching for studying and parents engaging in activities that will help in economic growth.”

Also speaking, Alfred Mwalili Sales and Marketing Manager Kenya said “The plight of the women and children undertaking the back breaking task of looking for water gave me the strength to go on and reach the peak, because I knew every step I take is one day less of agony for another person in search of the all important ingredient.”

Virgin Atlantic entered into a partnership with Free the Children Organization to help change the environment and the lives of many communities through providing support for such causes.

This year the Mt. Kenya climb was also supported by Savage Wilderness Safaris who offered mountain guides and accommodation.

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