Book Review:The Veteran by Frederick Forsyth

Five heart-stopping stories

Year: 2001

Genres: Collection Fiction Suspense Thriller

April 19, 2010 – Forsyth, The Master Storyteller, presents five brilliantly ingenious tales of murder, justice, intrigue and revenge.

A miracle in war-torn Siena that begins with the persecution of a young nun in the turbulent days of the sixteenth century and culminates in the bitter German retreat from Italy; a drug-smuggling heist on an international flight where the knock is only one step ahead of the smugglers; a ruthless urban murder, where a brilliant QC decides to defend the killers, resulting in a startling act of justice; an incandescent art scam at a famous London auction house, and a brilliantly plotted revenge that shatters the elegant world of Old Masters – each story is a remarkable tour de force.BOOKCOVER_THE_VETERAN_946566637.jpg

And above all here is a brilliant novella, ‘Whispering Wind’, which begins with the single survivor of Custer’s Last Stand at the battle of Little Big Horn. It follows the defence from rape and murder of a Cheyenne girl and a flight across the mountains and forests of the West, ending in a savage present-day manhunt in the wild lands of Montana.

Whether his theme is international espionage, miraculous events in war-torn Italy or a customs drug bust, these stories all share Forsyth’s trademark for compulsive storytelling, his clinical eye for authentic detail and an unnerving sense of suspense.

Not since his New York Times bestselling story collection No Comebacks has he crafted such remarkable work – five breathtaking tales from the greatest storyteller of them all.

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  1. Avatar Reviews January 1st, 1970 at 12:00 am

    i am very fond of these thrilling stories .how can i get the copy of this book.

  2. Avatar the ruochman February 1st, 2012 at 7:27 pm

    doulbe speak, who defended moi to the latter? who is mois lawyer pretending to be fightint impunity accusing mboya who broght independence to kenya why accuse njonjo who brought your frined moi whom youve defended who institutionalised corruption and impunity this kenya is out to be eating by dogs really christianity my foot!!

  3. Avatar zearly September 5th, 2012 at 11:42 am

    If only the listeners were kin


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