Beauty Tip: The 411 on Mascara

April 19, 2010 – Ladies, there is only one way to complete that eye make-up look to perfection; to totally open up your eye and transform your entire look into Glamorous with a capital G……. MASCARA!

EYE_MAKE_UP_794609839.jpgDid you read that? Yes, I’m sure you’ve all seen that lady whose eyelashes look like spider legs; clumped up so bad that you can hardly see her eyeballs? Or maybe you have tried to achieve that long eyelash look that you see in the magazines and it just doesn’t happen?

Here are a few tips that will help you get there!

To begin with, make sure you are working with a good quality mascara. There are all sorts in the market now that lengthen, volumise, condition, curl… Decide what you’re looking for in a mascara and buy accordingly.

If your lashes are too straight, buy one that will help to curl them; if they are too thin, get one that will add volume; too short, one that will lengthen!

Next, let’s get the application right. The best way to apply your first coat of mascara is to get all the way to the very base of your lashes and wiggle the mascara wand from left to right all the way to your lash tips. The mascara that you place at the base of your lashes is what makes them seem longer. The wiggling motion will help keep the lashes separate. After this, if you do see clumps, get a dry disposable mascara wand or an eyelash comb and comb through your lashes again – to free them of clump.

If you want an even more dramatic look, apply a second coat of mascara – AFTER the first has dried! MASCARA_193788874.jpg

If your lashes are too straight, you should invest in an eyelash curler. To get the best results, warm the curler with a blow dryer before using, and then use it after your first coat of mascara!

To make your eyes appear wider, it is best to apply mascara on both your top and bottom lashes.

Last of all, one way to ensure that your mascara lasts as long as possible is to not pump the wand in and out of the tube when trying to get product onto the brush. That will let air in and dry out your mascara quicker. Instead, bend the wand as you gather product from the tube onto it.

Happy Monday from SuzieBeauty!

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